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Congratulations: you’re expecting a baby! You’re going to give birth with your body, not with your head. Your body “knows” how to give birth. You just have to listen and follow it. A safe and quiet environment with familiar people around you, is very conducive to a smooth, uncomplicated childbirth. Are you ready for it? Practical, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Would you like to talk about it with an experienced and professional woman? As a doula I have coached many women and their partners on their way to, during and after their birth. Are you curious about this form of labor support, please contact me. Anyway, I wish you a very relaxed and enjoyable childbirth. Many women did it before!

Pregnant? You deserve a doula!

When you’re expecting a baby, you visit a midwife or gynaecologist. They will assist you during your pregnancy and labor. In addition, you gather around you the people you love to support you when you’ll give birth. That can be your partner, your mother, your sister, a friend or…… a doula! A doula is very nice to have around you when you give birth in a strange country. Your family and friends are far away. And maybe you don’t know exactly how everything is organized in Holland. What are the possibilities? What can you expect? A doula can lead you through all kinds of obstacles.

What is a doula

The name doula stems from the ancient Greeks and means “she who will support”. Nowadays we use this word to indicate a trained and experienced labor support woman. The strength of a doula lies in the fact that she is present all the time during the birth, and she has one explicit task: supporting the laboring woman and her partner, physically emotionally and informing. She does not perform medical acts. Make sure you hire a certified doula. As a doula I am also available in case of a pregnancy that ends in a miscarriage or abortion.

What to expect from a doula?

During your pregnancy, I guide you on your way to the birth of your baby. During our conversations we talk about your pregnancy, your relationships, and your practical needs. We’ll get to know each other very well and when labor starts, I’m familiar to you. The experience and capabilities of you and your partner are the basis and staring-point of my guidance. Your birth wishes are written down so you are well prepared at the time you start giving birth. Your wishes are also useful for your midwife or gynaecologist. As a doula I help you to stay relaxed during the delivery. I can remember you and your partner to the techniques you may have mastered during your pregnancy. These include breathing techniques (yoga), hypnobirthing and haptonomy. Childbirth is an event that can evoke anxiety and tension. Stress makes you less likely to open and thus slows down the delivery. Being relaxed, feeling safe and being seen and heard is very important for you as laboring woman. The doula can remind you how to relax and stay optimistic and powerful. Sometimes you can feel alone or afraid. Or you just don’t know how to cope with the contractions. I offer physical and emotional support and help you and your partner to get the information you need to make your own choices and good decisions.
Furthermore, I look after the communication between you, your partner and the midwife and/or medical staff.

Why should you hire a doula?

The reason to hire a doula is very personal and can be very diverse (read Edward´s Birth story!). Discover your own reason and don’t change your mind, because you know what the best is for you. You are free to choose who you want with you when you give birth!  It has been shown that having a doula present during your labor makes a difference. The effect of a doula by your side is a smooth delivery, less pain and fewer medical interventions. And a satisfying birth experience has a positive effect on your contact with your baby and your self-esteem.

What to expect from me as your doula

When you’re interested in me as your doula, call me. It is more likely that I have time for you if you call me as soon as possible. We schedule an intake conversation. During that conversation, we decide if I’m the right person for you. When we meet again, we talk about the birth wishes and I’ll write them down for you. After then we’ll keep in touch by phone and/or email. I’m on hold for you from week 39 until week 42. During that time I am available day and night, and strive to be with you within one hour when you call me. When labor starts you’ll call me. Then we decide if I come immediately or later on. When I arrive, I stay with you until your baby is born. It doesn’t matter how long it will takes and wherever it is: at home or in the hospital.  I’ll meet you again after a few weeks for an evaluation and I’ll offer you the birth story. In 2016 the costs are 550 euro. In 2017 the costs will be 600 euro.I will bill for travel costs. Taxi costs will be charged. Some health insurers compensate (a part) of the doula costs.

My background as a doula

I’ve always been very interested in births. I gave birth myself four times at home and I attended several births before I became a professional doula in 2006. I worked as a doula, and now I’m certified by DONA International, the largest doula organization in America. They say a doula works with her heart and hands and I agree. It is my task to be complementary and supportive to the laboring woman and her partner. This not only applies to the duration of labor, but also to our contact during your pregnancy, preparing for what is coming.
Since 2007 I have attended many births. I have attended hospital births (Groningen, Assen, Leeuwarden and Zwolle), home births (Groningen and Drenthe),caesarean births, VBAC (also at home), vacuum extractions, shoulder dystocia, water birth, lotus birth, HypnoBirthing, unassisted birth and hands-knees position.
As an expert I answer questions about the doula at Of course I continue schooling, although attending a birth is the best schooling there is! I give birth courses, also in English. For example HypnoBirthing.

Attended workshops

Barbara Harper – Water birth 2008
Debra Pascali – Advanced Doula Workshop 2009
Saskia Nieboer – Herbs Workshop for pregnancy, birth and infant care 2009
Mayra Brandt – Course Homeopathy and children (Helios Birthkit) 2010
Gail Tully -Spinning Babies 2014
Marie Mongan- HypnoBirth®course teacher 2015

Rebozo workshop and Rebozo ritual to close a newborn mom 2016